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David Turney of Turney Web Consulting

After fifteen years in digital marketing for Elsevier, the world’s largest publisher of science and technology, David went out on his own as independent consultant specializing in search engine optimization and web analytics.

David helps big and small businesses employ today’s amazing marketing technologies to better understand their customers, competition, and the optimal path to marketing success.

He reminds everyone he works with there is “more when you measure,” which is just a different way of saying that you can’t improve what you don’t understand.  Online marketing makes progress possible.  As the Dilbert cartoon says, everything else is just, “liquor and guessing.”

David studied literature and classics at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland and lived in France for two years, working closely with well-known copywriter and entrepreneur, Bill Bonner of Agora Inc. “After that,” he adds, “my wife and I lived in San Diego for 12 years where we had our three children before moving to Atlanta in 2012 to be closer to work and relatives.”

When David is not at work, you’ll usually find him at church leading their youth group or involved in local home school organizations. All of this leaves little time for his “selfish” hobby, which is tinkering on his rusty 1954 Dodge Royal V8.

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