Bob Smith

Bob Smith“In 2000, my wife Martha and I pointed our cars towards Atlanta and put Long Island, NY in our rear-view mirrors.  Martha, to build-out the Randstad Call Center, and I, accounts receivable financing to temporary staffing services throughout the South and Texas.”

Admittedly, being an insurance agent was not a career path Bob had ever contemplated…but fast forward to 2008.  The economic downturn caused temporary staffing services to have a limited need for financing services as invoices dwindled.  Enter the opportunity for Bob to be in business for himself, but not by himself. Bob became an independent insurance agent with HealthMarkets, and recently, a licensed insurance agent and advisor at North American Life Plans LLC. The rest of the story is history.

Having access to extensive industry resources and broad portfolio of products enabled Bob to assist those responsible for purchasing their own health insurance (i.e. “individual market”).  The 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act created a fast-paced environment which energized him, steeped in the knowledge that each day brought the chance to have a positive impact on a person’s life.  This was a responsibility not taken lightly. Whether assisting those 65 and over, or those under 65, Bob values his role and those that depend upon his counsel.

“I recognize that a health plan is the foundation of a health coverage strategy, but by itself, it can’t fully shield people against medical and financial risk.”  Success in this area has been most fulfilling by providing ancillary products that pay cash directly to individuals when they need it most: To the client who received a cancer diagnosis but learned a recommended protocol hadn’t been approved by the FDA and as such not covered by health insurance; to the client who had a heart attack but is able to meet financial obligations as a result of having a critical illness supplement. Hearing the success stories of clients has made his experience as an insurance agent most rewarding.

In June of 2017, Bob was appointed as a licensed insurance agent and advisor at North American Life Plans LLC to better serve his clients.

“In my past, I traveled the country promoting ‘Now & Later Candies.’  Understandably, I wanted everyone to eat and enjoy ‘Now & Later’.  As a health insurance agent, I provide plans and programs that hopefully clients will never need, but will have when needed.

Licensed Insurance Agent #2662700
Federal Marketplace ID: 14855630

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